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Avalon Life provides you the opportunity to establish your own "mining and Fintech" company so you can benefit from the global boom of digital currency block chain technology. As a license partner, you can enjoy exclusive training and "All Inclusive" access to all of Avalon Life's products (excluding mining which you can purchase at wholesale prices). This franchising business model allows you to access a business model that has already been proven successful. In addition, you will have access to private back office software that will make your business accessible and manageable worldwide.

Avalon Life offers you superior products at rock-bottom prices, which you can use yourself and make an income selling. In short: Avalon Life offers you a global business model that is open for business and producing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can build a global company that can generate good income and even financial freedom.

Become a License Partner

The perfect TIMING


Almost every person in the world has access to the Internet, even in economically poor areas and countries. Until now, two billion people have been excluded from the "economy" because they lacked a bank account or they did not have the appropriate credit to open a bank account.

Currency crashes and unprecedented money-printing on the part of major governments are the first signs of changes to come everywhere. Just as the Internet was still "foreign territory" for many back in 1993, so it is with digital currencies today.

The time for digital currency is already here. The market that would benefit from their use is large and the development stages are faster. In 2-3 years every fifth household will know what digital currency is and how it works. Avalon Life offers you the opportunity to benefit from this market at a time that could not be better. The timing is perfect.


Avalon Life will provide you with free customer support for all your customers needs. We are here to help you.
You will have access to Avalon Life private Backoffice, that will give you the tools to build a transparent business worldwide.
Build a professional customer business that offers mining contracts. Earn on all sales worldwide.
Build a worldwide network on which you can earn a reliable income in the digital currency industry. Financial Freedom awaits you. Let us show you how.


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