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What are cryptocurrencies and what is Dash?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that act as a new form of money. They typically use complex math that ensures limits on their creation. Because they are scarce, digital currencies can be and are used just like regular currencies as a means of exchange and a store of value. The main differences between cryptocurrencies and government issued currencies is that cryptocurrencies are not centrally controlled or issued, and they are fully electronic.

While Bitcoin is currently the most recognized cryptocurrency, Dash is one of the most promising and it offers a number of advantages over the other cryptocurrencies in the market. First, it is the only cryptocurrency offering instant transactions suitable for physical point-of-sale purposes. It also offers improved transaction privacy to its users. Lastly, it has a strong record of innovation and a promising roadmap of coming features that will make using cryptocurrencies easier than ever for consumers and merchants.

Dash can easily be exchanged for dollars, Euros, pounds, Bitcoin, and many other currencies on exchanges.

Where can I buy and sell Dash?

There are many ways to buy and sell Dash. Here are some links.

  • Poloniex – US-based exchange offering Bitcoin and USD token trading pairs
  • Exmo – EU-based exchange offer Bitcoin and USD trading pairs
  • Livecoin – UK-based exchange offering Bitcoin and USD trading pairs
  • BTC38 – A China-based exchange offering Bitcoin and Chinese Yuan trading pairs

Where can I open a Bitcoin account?

  • BlockChain – Global Solution – THE BEST and our Favorite!
  • Circle – Best for using Credit or Debit Cards to buy Bitcoin
  • Coinbase – The biggest wallet and great for US bank wires
  • BitStamp – Best for EU bank wires and EU customers

How and Where to buy Bitcoin?

There are many ways to buy Bitcoins.  Here are some links. The person you passed this link has has determined via Bitcoins. Maybe YOU can refer your Bitcoins there.

Where is the head office of Avalon Life S.A?

The Head office of Avalon Life S.A. is in Costa Rica. The head office can be contacted at the address, Avalon Life S.A., Calle Blancos del Colegio de Microbiólogos 50 metros al Oeste,  San Jose (Goicoechea)  20801

Why is Avalon Life S.A. in Costa Rica and not in Europe?

Because Costa Rica offers the best conditions for geographical, fiscal, and economic requirements. An important component is the implementation of our ecological goals for 100% electricity coverage through renewable energy; the best conditions are already available here with solar and geothermal energy.

Since when has Avalon been in existence?

Avalon Life S.A. was registered in HR San Jose as a limited company in May 2016 as a general business under the registration number 3-101-715204.

Is Avalon a “Cloud” mining company?

No. Avalon Life has two mining facilities in Costa Rica and other plants are in the planning stage around the world. Thus, we offer our customers and partners the opportunity to participate in physical mining capacity. Cloud mining companies source your “mining power” mostly from traders, if at all. Cloud mining customers are often unknowingly being paid their initial investments back in installments from a pool along with other depositors… an illegal Ponzi system. Avalon Life is leading the way with real mining.

Can one visit Avalon Life S.A. in Costa Rica to ensure that the operation is legitimate?

With pleasure! We have a few codes of conduct when entering the mining facility (submission of mobile phone, cameras, etc. and filling in the visitor sheet).

Why don’t you publish the precise location of the facilities and why are there no pictures of the facilities?

A mining facility is something like a “factory” with proprietary designs employed, including the type of hardware, software, facilities, power and cooling equipment, and processes needed to run and maintain the operation. The cryptocurrency market is intensely competitive. Because we want to protect our customers and license partners from potential attacks, copying of our designs, and release of proprietary know-how, we will neither publish location information or “exact” pictures of our facilities. Sometimes, the pictures that one sees on cloud mining sites are generic photos of “server rooms”, and in any case offer no proof of the operation. You may visit us anytime as described. Registration should be done in the forum.

Can people who do not know about cryptocurrencies also join?

Yes, of course. Our primary goal is to provide everyone with a simple and accessible entry into cryptocurrencies and to transfer the required knowledge transparently and comprehensibly.

Where can I register as a customer or license partner with Avalon?

One can register with Avalon Life only via a license partner or take part as a customer in the “Refer a customer” program; this is done only via a customer link.

Where will the training take place?

Our training takes place both offline and online. There is more information in the back office.

What is mining?

The term “mining” refers to the process by which cryptocurrency transactions are “confirmed” or verified within the network. Miners are rewarded for verifying transactions with newly created currency. Every day, our customers and license partners receive their mined Dash. They are booked in your Backoffice and can be withdrawn from there subject to our tight security process.

What is KH/s?

It is a unit in which our mining capacity is measured. KH/s means kilo hashes per second – or thousand hash calculations per second – and is a measure of computing speed in the mining of cryptocurrencies. Depending on the progress of a mining process and the technique used (algorithms), there are different speed measurements for example MH/s (1 Mega hash per second = 1000 KH/s) or TH/s (1 Terra hash per second = 1000 MH/s).

What is a hash?

You will learn the answer to this and many other questions in the first few months as a license partner.

Is mining an investment?

No. Investments are regulated by government bodies set up by countries, which have to decide about the rightful content and their distribution. Mining is a form of personal production of cryptocurrencies. Since results are subject to mining factors such as number of miners, electricity cost, and transaction fees on the Dash network, a stable forecast of results is not given.


Financial (Customers)

Why should I order Dash mining from Avalon Life?

Because Avalon provides mining education while offering the best deal among comparable providers currently on the market. This is so because our scale benefits are extended to customers. Moreover, Avalon Life is also committed to green ideas, which means creating added value and using resources sensibly and ecologically.

What is Lifetime mining?

Lifetime Mining is a defined agreement to continue mining as long as the mining activity is economically viable for the provider Avalon and the customer.

Will I get an invoice for ordering products?

Yes, of course, immediately after payment.

What should I consider in terms of taxation?

Since this is dependent on the individual tax situation, a consultation with a tax adviser is recommended.

Can I convert cryptocurrency into Euro / US Dollar, etc.?

Yes, easily. There are many exchange platforms worldwide that can facilitate your transaction.

Can I become a license partner?

Transitioning from a customer to a license partner is possible at any time.

Can I increase my purchased mining power?

Yes, at any time.

Which obligations do I have towards Avalon Life?

None. Every year, any existing product ends automatically and must – if so desired – be reordered and paid for (e.g., Avalon Life Nitro or Cryptinsider).

Can I bequeath my account?

Yes, if you leave the access data of the account in the will or with a notary and Avalon receives the appropriate legal documents (Certificate of Inheritance, etc.).

How can I pay for my order?

Deposit is possible only in cryptocurrencies (currently: Bitcoin or Dash). The conversion is performed in each case at the current rate. For the payment, there is usually a time frame of 10 minutes within which the rate remains fixed.

Financial (License Partner)

How do I pay for my membership? (Gateways)

With Bitcoin or Dash or the so-called “voucher” which you can get in the Backoffice.

How long does a license partnership last?

The corresponding fee is paid in advance for 1 year. After 12 Months and non-renewal of the license, the license partnership will be listed as a customer. With the change of status, a license partnership will lose his or her license partner benefits and all future financial compensation. Any purchased mining is not affected by the change. Only 1% will be charged on all cryptocurrencies that are yet to be mined.

Can I take part in Avalon without having a membership account? (FREE MEMBER)


Is payment by installments possible?

Unfortunately, no.

When is the deadline for the payment of my license fees if I am registered in the PreLaunch Phase?

To maintain the advantage of the arrangement of the PreLaunch Phase, the payment of license fees is required not later than August 13th, 2016. Otherwise the account will be deleted from the PreLaunch Phase and a new registration will be required.

How will I see whether my direct partners have already paid?

After you pay your license fee, access to the BackOffice is granted. There you will find all the necessary tools for supporting your team from the PreLaunch Phase. New registrations as a license partner are possible only with simultaneous payment of license fees.

Legal (License Partner)

How old should one be to register with Avalon?

One should be of age and contractually capable.

Will I be verified by Avalon and is my data protected?

Yes, verification is necessary due to regulation and for the protection of the partner.  However, this verification is a light version (KYC), and must be completed before the first payment is demanded. Without verification, no payment of any kind will be made. Submitted documents are retained separately from our online platforms.

How many accounts can I have with Avalon?

Starting August 1st, only one account per natural person is allowed. Should any multi-accounts be registered to one person, all duplicate accounts which were created after the first account will be deleted. Any forfeited accrued commissions will be terminated and the former account owner has no claim on them.  If Avalon Life becomes aware that this is done on purpose, the main account will be deleted without any claim and the person will be suspended for 12 months from the Avalon Life system.

Can I register family members under the same IP?

Yes. As long as the enrolling person meets all the requirements.

Can a company be a license partner?

Yes. Legal entities and associations can be an Avalon Life license partner just like natural persons.


Avalon Life S.A.
10803 Calle Blancos
Costa Rica


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